NewsCanada --     One-Armed fullback to vie for spot on pro Canadian Football Team

One-Armed fullback to vie for spot on pro Canadian Football Team

 May 22, 2014

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When Curtis Harmon III showed up in front of NFL scouting personnel in Baltimore last month, no one was sure what to expect. After all, how could a man with one arm catch a football?
“I didn’t drop a single pass,” Harmon told CNN. “Didn’t bobble a pass either.”
Indeed, in his rundown for a Washington-Baltimore-area sports website, writer Barry Barnes said he was struck by the “passion, heart and determination” that Harmon exhibited at the regional combine, where lower-tier players not invited to the national scouting combine pay to be evaluated by the NFL.
“He was consistent with his speed, ran around the cones low with the ball high across his chest, along his collarbone and caught all his passes. Yes, caught all his passes,” Barnes wrote. Harmon, 25, was born with a birth defect that stopped the growth of his left arm from the elbow down. For his much of his life, the southside Washington native has dealt with stares from strangers, awkward questions about “what happened” and of course, the bullies.
But from a young age, there’s one thing Harmon wanted to become: a professional football player.
“When he was born the doctor told me not to treat him any different and that I would be surprised by what he would be able to achieve,” his mother, Roberta Scott, said in a phone interview from her home in Clinton, Maryland.
He’s been defying odds ever since.

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